From the Sermon Archives: Communion Sermon, ‘I Am The Bread Of Life’

North Greenville Church missed our scheduled Lord’s Supper on March 29. The current pestilence and the commands of government have prevented our observance of this means of grace. The present pestilence is a difficult providence of God, as are those that have afflicted the Church in times past. God brings these woes upon us to remind us that our trust must be in Christ, the Bread from Heaven, and not science, technology, government, money, recreation or other idols. The judgment against idolatry applies to the Church as well, if we embrace false teaching or engage in profane, worldly worship which He will not accept. 

We should search our hearts to see if there are any wicked ways within us as a body and repent of these. Corporate worship and the Lord’s Supper are means of grace that have been removed from our fellowship in these days. The preaching of the Word remains in a detached, remote way, thanks to modern technology, but it cannot equal the physical assembly for corporate worship. So what means of grace remain to us? Reading God’s Word and prayer.

This Communion sermon from 2013 should remind us of what we are missing and bring us to repentance personally and corporately. However, there is a glorious promise within every woe for those who are sealed in Christ. Come what may, He will never leave us or forsake us. Although we are apart, this promise brings us joy and causes us to look forward not only to the end of difficult providences, but also to the communion of the saints in glory at the marriage feast of the Lamb. Praise be to God!

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