Our Worship

Worship Schedule

9:30AM Sunday School
10:00AM Fellowship
10:30AM Lord’s Day Worship
7:00PM Bible Study

Sunday School

We are currently working through the Quarterly Reformed Curriculum published by the ARP. This is a six-year overview of the entire Bible. The authors are Dr. Mark Ross and Dr. Iain Duguid. We take a discussion-led approach to this study of the Scripture and would be glad to have you join us at any point during this set of lessons.

We also have concurrent preschool (infant through 3 years) and primary (ages 4 and 5) children’s Sunday School. We will add additional ages as needed.

Lord’s Day Worship

Our services are organized as historical Reformed worship:

  • God-centered. We must do all things to God’s glory, especially our worship service. Scripture, preaching, prayer, and music are all part of our normal order of worship, but we must be careful to keep our focus on glorifying God and not our personal talents or interests.
  • Scripture. Because scripture is the only source of divine revelation, we must look to scripture if we are to understand God’s will for our lives. If we allow the human pursuits of self-improvement, self-fulfillment, or self-esteem to replace our focus on scripture then we are no longer glorifying God but ourselves with our worship.
  • The Whole of Scripture. In his second letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul wrote that “all scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” In addition to basing our worship in scripture, we must not neglect any part of scripture, old or new testament.
  • Reverence. God is not only worthy of glory and praise, he is also worthy of awe. We approach our worship with a great sense of respect and reverence, recognizing that we are inviting God into our presence in corporate worship.

Children are welcomed to join us in worship, but we also provide nursery services for families that need or would prefer their children to have a more youth-oriented experience. You can view a sample order of worship here, and we also provide recordings of our sermons.

Wednesday Evening Prayer And Bible Study

Rev. Barron leads a weekly prayer meeting and Bible study every Wednesday evening. We work through entire books of the Bible with a thoughtfully-paced and heartfelt discussion of the Scripture.