History Of North Greenville Church

North Greenville Church was born from the closure of Travelers ARP Church, which began in 2007 as a mission church. Rev. William L. (Billy) Barron was hired as mission developer with a Provisional Session made up of five ruling elders. The purpose was to establish a Biblically sound church in the Reformed tradition where the whole counsel of God is preached, and the Lord is worshipped with reverence.
A New Birth
After five years of laboring as mission developer, Pastor Barron transitioned to a bi-vocational status, working also with World Witness, and pastoring with the help of interns. He would consequently resign as mission developer of Travelers Church in August 2015.
In March 2016 Second Presbytery of the ARP closed down the mission church in Travelers Rest. However, many from this congregation wanted to remain together. They elected a steering committee to form and establish, with the same purpose, North Greenville Church.
In April 2016, the new church terminated its hosting arrangement with the Travelers Rest YMCA. NGC began meeting at The Woodlands at Furman Retirement Home with Sunday Worship, Sunday School, and Wednesday Bible Study. Through all of this, Pastor Barron was advising and preaching at NGC, as well as preaching in another church in Tennessee. While away, other ordained ministers and interns would preach.
COVID Strikes, But Church Grows
When the Woodlands imposed quarantine protocol in 2020, NGC was able to meet in a Youth room of Westwood Baptist Church in Easley, SC, and continued Sunday School, Worship services, and home Bible study.
In March of 2021, the NGC congregation officially called Pastor Barron as pastor. In June 2021, the members of NGC voted to purchase the property of Gateway Baptist Church located at 2120 Roe Ford Road in Travelers Rest. By God’s grace and blessings, NGC held the first service at the new church on Sunday, October 10, 2021.
A New Era Begins
Pastor Barron retired as Senior Pastor at the close of May 2024. The congregation has called the Rev. David Huffman to succeed Pastor Barron as Senior Pastor. The Rev. Tim Leslie, though retired, continues to serve as assistant to the pastor.
The Session in presently in the process of exploring a Reformed and Presbyterian denominational affiliation.