News and Announcements, September 28th

NGC By-Laws Approved

The Steering Committee approved the draft By-Laws as final at its September 19 meeting. They are available here or from a new page on

This will be a significant step forward in the process of our organization as a regular church.

Wednesday Bible Study Resumes

We are continuing our study of Ephesians 5 and moving into Chapter 6 concerning our roles in the family and household and the Kingdom of God. Join your brothers and sisters in Christ at the Woodlands (Orchid Room) at 7:00 p.m.

Membership Season

If you were not able to be in attendance to be examined for membership recently, there is still plenty of time to join the Church. Just contact Billy Barron, <>; 420-8112.

Short Items:

Sunday School: We have begun a new quarter studying I and II Samuel, “The Triumph Of God’s Anointed.” This Sunday we will study Chapter 12, “What Great Things The Lord Has Done,” signifying the end of the judges era and the beginning of the monarchy under Saul.
Rev. Dale Johnson will preach this Sunday, October 2.

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