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The Steering Committee encourages you to visit our new Facebook page,, bookmark it for regular visits and invite your Friends to “like” our page, to connect your own Facebook community to us for the purpose of expanding our reach.

Billy Barron Returns To Pulpit This Sunday

Our own Billy Barron will preach to us this Sunday. Come if you possibly can for worship together in unity and fellowship. Last Sunday, we were blessed by the preaching of Dr. Dale Johnson on “The Ultimate Question” of who Christ is from the Gospel of John 1, and how we respond to grace and truth meeting together in the person of Jesus.

Wednesday Bible Study Winding Up Ephesians

We’re looking in Chapter 6 at authority relationships and moving on to the whole armor of God. Join us at 7:00 on Wednesday at The Woodlands Orchid Room as Billy opens the Word of God to us.

Short Items:

Sunday School: We have begun a new quarter studying I and II Samuel, “The Triumph Of God’s Anointed.” This Sunday we will study Chapter 16, “The Chosen One Is Anointed,” looking at God’s rejection of King Saul for his disobedience and God’s selection of David Son of Jesse to succeed Saul.

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