Congregational Meeting This Sunday

There will be a congregational meeting this morning for the purpose of electing congregational officers. The Session makes the following nominations:
Chairperson: Tommy Morgan
Treasurer: Don Woodard
Assistant Treasurer: Jim Moehlenbrock
Other nominations may be made from the floor with the prior approval of the person being nominated.

First Session Meeting Scheduled This Monday

The Session will have its first meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 at the Barron’s home. Please be in prayer for your elders as they meet.

Dorcas Ministry April Project: Collecting Jars Of PB For Crossover Ministries

On Sunday, April 23, the Dorcas Ministry will be collecting jars of peanut butter to benefit Crossover Ministries International, which is one of two ministries selected for support by our Dorcas group. David and Lucky Thomas’ grandson Simon McConnell is working to support this ministry for his Boy Scout Eagle project and is doing the “leg work”.  Crossover Ministries is supporting and witnessing to the people living in the dumps of the Dominican Republic. The people have little food and have to scavenge for everything they use. Crossover Ministries goes into the dumps to feed the people peanut butter sandwiches three times a week. Simon has set a goal to raise 500 jars of peanut butter to send to these people. You can find the information about Crossover Ministries at

Short Items

Pastor Barron returns to our pulpit this Sunday. His sermon will be titled, “His Loving Kindness Is Everlasting,” based on texts from Psalm 118:19-29 and John 12:12-16.
Sunday School: We are studying the Gospel of Matthew, Chapters 13-28, titled, “…He has risen, as He said.” Our lesson for Sunday (Palm Sunday) is “Hosanna To The Son Of David,” from Matthew 21: 1-17. This covers Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, His enthusiastic welcome by the people and then His purification of the temple and the opposition of the leaders. For additional background reading, look at Psalms 72-77.

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