Preaching Through Genesis Advances To Chapter 18; Lord’s Supper This Sunday

Pastor Barron’s sermon series in Genesis continues this Lord’s Day with “Faith And The Facts Of Life.” His text is Genesis 18:1-33.

North Greenville Church will observe the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper this Sunday. We have open communion which means you are invited to the Lord’s Table if you have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and are seeking to live for Him with your life.

Truth Project Concludes Next Wednesday Evening

This Wednesday, August 1, we have Tour No. 12, the last lesson in The Truth Project. The lesson is entitled, “Community & Involvement: God Cares, Do I?” From the course synopsis: “The ethical law and the meaning of the Christian life are summed up in the commandment to love God and one’s neighbor. This command is the source of the believer’s motivation for self-sacrificial service to the needy and their personal involvement in our culture.” The showing will be at 6:30 pm in the Camellia Room.

Dorcas Ministry Focus On North Greenville Crisis Ministry

The August focus will be the North Greenville Crisis Ministry. We will receive the donations on August 19th.

Catechism Corner

Q. 59. Who are made partakers of redemption through Christ?
A. Redemption is certainly applied, and effectually communicated, to all those for whom Christ hath purchased it; who are in time by the Holy Ghost enabled to believe in Christ according to the gospel.

(Westminster Larger Catechism)

Table Talk Moment

Objective and Subjective Guilt:  “After all, beneath all of the abstract arguments unbelievers may offer, they still are searching for a way to deal with the feelings of guilt they possess. In fact, all of us are trying to do just that.”  (Tuesday, July 24, page 56).

Short Items

Monthly Church Discussion: Our next discussion time will take place Sunday, August 12, at the Barron’s residence, starting at 4:00 pm. The feature article is by Jared S. Oliphint and is entitled “Defending the Faith.” It is found on page 68 of the July Table Talk. If you do not have the Table Talk, there are copies on the table at the back of the sanctuary.
Sunday School:
This Sunday at 9:30am in the Camellia Room, we will move on to the book of I Peter
, focusing on 1:3-21. Our topic for Sunday will be, “Having Your Faith And Hope In God.” Our faith in Christ gives us hope of eternal life, and this hope leads us to walk in love in this present world. For background reading, look at I Peter 1 and 2.

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