Dr. John Carrick To Preach This Sunday

We are grateful to have Dr. John Carrick preach for us this Sunday, since Rev. Barron’s recovery from knee replacement surgery is taking longer than expected. John Carrick is a graduate of Oxford University (BA, 1973; Certificate in Education, 1974; MA, 1978) and studied at London Theological Seminary, 1978-1980. He holds a D.Min. from Westminster Theological Seminary in California (2002). He was formerly Minister of Cheltenham Evangelical Church (1979-1992), briefly Lecturer in the History of Philosophy & Christian Thought at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina (1993), and Minister of Matthews Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Matthews, NC (1992-1994). Dr. Carrick is a professor at North Greenville University. He is the author of The Imperative of Preaching: A Theology of Sacred Rhetoric and The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards, published by the Banner of Truth Trust.

Monthly Church Discussion

Our next Sunday afternoon Church Discussion time will be September 16th. The article that will be our focus for the time is by Randall Van Meggelen and is entitled New Covenant Worship: Lift Up Your Hearts.” It is found on page 66 of the August Table Talk. If you do not have the Table Talk, there are copies on the table at the back of the sanctuary.

Dorcas Ministry September Focus On Piedmont Women’s Center

The Dorcas Ministry focus for September is Piedmont Women’s Center. We will receive the donations on September 16th. We will be participating in their “Baby Bottle Fund Raiser.”

Catechism Corner

Q. 75. What is sanctification?
A. Sanctification is a work of God’s grace, whereby they whom God hath, before the foundation of the world, chosen to be holy, are in time, through the powerful operation of his Spirit applying the death and resurrection of Christ unto them, renewed in their whole man after the image of God; having the seeds of repentance unto life, and all other saving graces, put into their hearts, and those graces so stirred up, increased, and strengthened, as that they more and more die unto sin, and rise unto newness of life.

(Westminster Larger Catechism)

Table Talk Moment

The Spirit Who Makes Us Holy:  “Knowing that the Holy Spirit sanctifies us is encouraging. God does not reveal many specifics of His unique will for us individually, but He does tell us that His chief desire for us is for our sanctification, that is, our growth in holiness. Knowing that the Spirit is the One who sanctifies us gives us hope that we can make real progress in the Christian life…”  (August 31, page 62).

Short Items

Sunday School: This Sunday at 9:30am in the Camellia Room, we begin a new quarter in the Adult Quarterly, looking at the Book of Esther, focusing on 2: 1-19 and 3: 1-11. Our topic for Sunday will be, “God’s People Threatened.” Learn how the exiles fell into the schemes of a wicked opponent. For background reading, look at Esther 1-3.
Wednesday Night Bible Study will not resume this week as previously announced due to a conflict in the therapy schedule for Rev. Barron. We plan on resuming on September 12th at 7:00 pm.

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