Pastor Barron To Preach On Faith And Hope This Sunday

Pastor Barron will preach from Genesis 23:1-20 this Sunday. His sermon title is, “The Exercise of Faith and Hope.”

Sacrament Of The Lord’s Supper This Sunday

This Sunday we are celebrating the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Communion is a special act of worship when we remember Jesus’ giving of His life for us, His special presence in this meal, and our looking forward to His physical return at which time we celebrate the marriage supper together. Those who have been baptized and have made a profession of faith and have entered into communion with Christ in the visible church are invited to participate.

Wednesday Prayer Time/Bible Study Continues In Romans

This coming Wednesday we will gather at 7:00 p.m. in the Orchid Room for prayer for the church and for Bible study. This week we will be picking up our study at chapter Romans 7. All are welcome to attend.

Monthly Church Discussion On October 21

On October 21, we will have our monthly Church Discussion time. The article that will be our focus for the time is by Mark E. Ross  and is entitled “Living in the World to Come.”  It is found on page_28 of the September TableTalk. If you do not have the TableTalk, there are copies on the table at the back of the sanctuary.

Dorcas Ministry Focus For October: North Greenville Crisis Ministry

The Dorcas Ministry focus for October is North Greenville Crisis Ministry. We will receive the donations on October 21. Suggested donations include soup, canned corn, rice, and toiletries. Monetary donations are always welcome as well.

August Treasurer Report

  Actual August Budget YTD Actual YTD Difference YTD 2017 Annual Budget 2018 Annual Budget
Tithes & Offerings $1,753.66 $15,168.87 $17,868.47 $2,699.60 $64,715.00 $65,595.00
Expenses $2,960.98 $25,214.64 $25,044.74 -$169.90 $35,148.00 $37,904.00
Balance -$1,207.32 -$10,045.77 -$7,176.27 $2,869.50 $29,567.00 $27,691.00
Net Assets     $53,892.64     $81,583.64

Tithes and offerings are ahead of budget, and thus our operating balance is $2,869 ahead of budget through August. We are grateful to the Lord for His providence.

Catechism Corner

Q. 35. How is the covenant of grace administered under the New Testament?
A. Under the New Testament, when Christ the substance was exhibited, the same covenant of grace was and still is to be administered in the preaching of the Word, and the administration of the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper; in which grace and salvation are held forth in more fulness, evidence, and efficacy, to all nations. 
(Westminster Larger Catechism)

TableTalk Moment

Our Enemy The World:  “We must be in the world and yet not of the world (John 17: 14-16). That is, we do not withdraw into a closed community of Christians but form our affections by the Word of God in the church and then go into the world with the gospel, able to resist the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.”  (September 26, page 58).

Short Items

Sunday School: This Sunday at 9:30am in the Camellia Room, we will continue our new study in the Book of Daniel. Our topic for Sunday will be, “Through The Fire,” covering Daniel 3. We will see a comparison and contrast between the four faithful exiles in the fiery furnace and our Lord and Savior on the cross. For background reading, look at Daniel 4 as well.

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