Second Sunday In Advent: What’s In A Name?

Pastor Barron will preach this Sunday from Isaiah 9: 1-7 and Matthew 1: 18-25, on the names of Jesus, prophesied and commanded. His sermon title will be “What’s In A Name?”

NOTE: We plan to meet as scheduled tomorrow unless weather conditions are worse than presently forecasted. The Session will make a determination during the 8:00 hour and send out an email blast if we need to postpone or cancel.

Annual NGC/Woodlands Carol Sing December 9

We will join together with our Woodlands friends for a Christmas Carol sing this Sunday, December 9, at 4:00 p.m. in the Camellia Room. Following the sing, we will share refreshments in the Orchid Room. If you haven’t yet volunteered to bring snacks to share, please contact Brent Butterfield, 207-832-4057.

Next Discussion Time December 16

On Sunday, December 16, we will have our monthly Church Discussion time. The article that will be our focus for the time is by Lowell A. Ivey and is entitled “Local Gospel Proclamation” It is found on page 70 of the November Tabletalk. If you do not have the Tabletalk, there are copies on the table at the back of the sanctuary. We will meet at the home of Billy and Sissy Barron, 5 Winsford Dr., Greenville.

Dorcas Ministry Collection December 16 For The Piedmont Women’s Center 

The Dorcas Ministry focus for December is for The Piedmont Women’s Center. We will receive monetary donations on December 16th. We will be participating in their “Baby Bottle Fund Raiser.” Be sure to get your bottles on the table in the back.

Church Nursery Volunteers Sought

The church now offers a nursery for children from infancy through age 3 during morning worship. It is the intention of the Session to provide nursery attendants from congregational volunteers on a rotating schedule. If you will agree to assist, please contact Pastor Barron.

Catechism Corner 

Q. 183. For whom are we to pray?
A. We are to pray for the whole church of Christ upon earth; for magistrates, and ministers; for ourselves, our brethren, yea, our enemies; and for all sorts of men living, or that shall live hereafter; but not for the dead, nor for those that are known to have sinned the sin unto death.
(Westminster Larger Catechism)

Tabletalk Moment

At The Tomb Of Jesus:  The Old Testament clearly predicts the death and resurrection of the Messiah, but apart from faith in Christ, the full import of these prophecies will remain hidden. But when we trust in Christ, we more and more understand that He is proclaimed on every page of the Bible. We must invite people to believe in Jesus so that they can understand the Scriptures as well. (Tabletalk Magazine, December 5, page 37).
Looking Ahead: The focus of January Tabletalk is the Synod of Dort, which took place 400 years ago. A few decades before the Westminster Confession was written, the Synod produced the Canons of Dort, which together with the Belgic Confession and the Heidelberg Catechism, comprise the Three Forms of Unity affirmed by confessing Reformed churches through the subsequent centuries. Our January discussion time gathering will consider one of the articles written about Dort in the January Tabletalk. January copies will be available next Sunday.

Short Items

Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study: We will continue our Wednesday night activities, moving into Romans 9:19. We will learn from Paul who the authentic “Israel of God” is.

Sunday School: This Sunday at 9:30am in the Camellia Room, we will study 1 Timothy 2 from the ARP Adult Quarterly. Our topic for Sunday will be, “Go Forward In Prayer.” We will see the types of prayers we are to offer and for whom, and who acts on these prayers.We will also encounter a difficult passage within this chapter, particularly in our time, about the role of women in the church. 

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