Fourth Sunday In Advent: Names Of Christ

Pastor Barron will preach this Sunday part two from Isaiah 9:1-7, “This Child, What’s His Name?”.

Local Gospel Proclamation Is Topic For December Discussion Time

This Sunday, December 23, we will have our monthly Church Discussion time, beginning at 4:00 pm. The article that will be our focus for the time is by Lowell A. Ivey and is entitled “Local Gospel Proclamation” It is found on page 70 of the November Tabletalk. If you do not have the Tabletalk, there are copies on the table at the back of the sanctuary. We will meet at the home of Don and Janice Woodard, 103 Wynn Cir., Greenville 29617.

Last Call: December Dorcas Ministry Collection For The Piedmont Women’s Center

The Dorcas Ministry focus for December is for The Piedmont Women’s Center. We will close out monetary donations for the “Baby Bottle Fund Raiser”on this Sunday, December 23. The Dorcas Ministry focus for January is the OPC Disaster Relief Fund. We will gather donations on January 20.

Church Nursery Volunteers Sought

The church now offers a nursery for children from infancy through age 3 during morning worship. It is the intention of the Session to provide nursery attendants from congregational volunteers on a rotating schedule. If you will agree to assist, please contact Pastor Barron.

Catechism Corner

Q. 47. How did Christ humble himself in his conception and birth?
A. Christ humbled himself in his conception and birth, in that, being from all eternity the Son of God, in the bosom of the Father, he was pleased in the fulness of time to become the son of man, made of a woman of low estate, and to be born of her; with divers circumstances of more than ordinary abasement.

(Westminster Larger Catechism)

Tabletalk Moment

Peter Asks About John:  Peter was to follow Jesus and be faithful in his calling no matter the consequences, even if he would suffer differently from others. The same is true of us. We are to be faithful where God has placed us, not envying the calling of others or being discontent if their trials are different from ours. (Tabletalk Magazine, December 20, page 52).

Looking Ahead: The focus of January Tabletalk is the Synod of Dort, which took place 400 years ago. Our January discussion time gathering will consider one of the articles written about Dort in the January Tabletalk. January copies are available on the back table.

Short Items

New Members: We welcome long-time visitors and friends of our congregation, Jack and Susan Williams, to membership in North Greenville Church.

Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study: We will continue our Wednesday night activities, moving into Romans 10:8. We will look at one of the great passages on saving faith.

Sunday School: This Sunday at 9:30am in the Camellia Room, we will survey 1 Timothy 4 through 6 from the ARP Adult Quarterly. Our topics for Sunday will be, “Go Forward In Practice.” We will see Paul’s instruction about contending with false teachers, living the Word of Truth, caring for one another, dealing with disunity and other exhortations.

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