Pastor Barron Returns To Pulpit; Resumes Series On The Patriarchs

Pastor Barron returns this Sunday and resumes his series on the patriarchs, this time on Isaac and his dealings with the Philistines under the care of God’s covenant faithfulness. His sermon text is Genesis 26: 17-33.

Wednesday Evening Prayer And Bible Study Continues In Romans

We will continue with our time of congregational prayer and Bible study next Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the Orchid Room, continuing to look at Romans 12. Consider attending for this important time of prayer, fellowship and growth.

Next Church Discussion Time February 24

Our next discussion time will be Sunday, February 24, at 4:00 pm at the Barron’s residence. The article will be “Can We Trust the New Testament?” by Michael J. Kruger. 

Dorcas Ministry Collection This Sunday: North Greenville Crisis Ministry

The Dorcas Ministry focus this month is the North Greenville Crisis Center. Items which they say they need are: soups, canned corn, toiletries, and rice. We will collect your donations this Sunday, February 17.

Church Nursery Volunteers Sought

The church now offers a nursery for children from infancy through age 3 during morning worship. It is the intention of the Session to provide nursery attendants from congregational volunteers on a rotating schedule. If you will agree to assist, please contact Pastor Barron.

January Treasurer Report

  Actual January Budget YTD Actual YTD Difference YTD 2018 Annual Budget 2019 Annual Budget
Tithes & Offerings $1,725.00 $2,125.00 $1,725.00 -$400.00 $65,595.00 $61,770.00
Expenses $4,536.67 $5,691.66 $4,536.67 -$1,154.99 $37,904.00 $55,335.92
Balance -$2,811.67 -$3,566.66 -$2,811.67 $754.99 $27,691.00 $6,434.08
Net Assets     $81,524.47      

Catechism Corner

Q. 66. What is that union which the elect have with Christ?
The union which the elect have with Christ is the work of God’s grace, whereby they are spiritually and mystically, yet really and inseparably, joined to Christ as their head and husband; which is done in their effectual calling.  

(Westminster Larger Catechism)

Tabletalk Moment

Joshua’s Farewell: If the people are to remain faithful to Yahweh, the God of Israel, after Joshua’s death, they must remember His great acts of salvation…We cannot remain faithful to the Lord for long if we forget what He has done to save us from sin…the God with whom they are dealing is not One to be trifled with…the sin that He will not forgive is our impenitent abandoning of Him to serve other gods. (Tabletalk Magazine, February 12, page 45).


Short Items

Sunday School: This Sunday at 9:30am in the Camellia Room, we will continue our study of Titus from the ARP Adult Quarterly. Our topic for Sunday will be from Titus 3: 1-11, “Grow In Godly Works.” In this passage, we will see a beautiful presentation of the true Gospel, salvation by grace alone and the place of good works in the life of the believer.

Piedmont Women’s Center Banquet For Life: One of our Dorcas Ministry partners is the Piedmont Women’s Center. The PWC will hold its annual Fundraising Banquet for Life on Thursday, March 7, 2019, at the Greenville Convention Center (formerly the TD Convention Center). This year’s speaker will be Pro-Life advocate Jordan Sekulow. We will be joining Mrs. Marianne Cancela at her table(s). If you would like to join us (husbands are welcome as well), contact Susan Williams for an invitation. To help cover the cost of the meal and set up, donations of any amount are accepted.

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