This Sunday Pastor Barron brings a message from I Kings 21:11-29,
entitled, “Elijah: A Man of Judgment”.

Ahab, the king of Israel in Samaria had a palace in the area known as Jezreel. Also near the palace was a vineyard belonging to Naboth, which Ahab attempted to purchase for his own use. Purchase of this land was a violation of God’s law, as Naboth owned it as an inheritance from the Lord, and selling it would cut off Naboth’s descendants from it. When Naboth explained his refusal, Ahab went back to his house and complained bitterly to his wife, Jezebel. The events that unfold from here have unfortunate consequences for Naboth, but also for Ahab…and Elijah is ordered to meet with this king of Israel, in order to pronounce judgment upon him for what he has done.