The Light TO The World

This Sunday Pastor Barron’s sermon is from the book of  Ephesians 5:1-21, entitled “We Are the Light to the World”.

The word ‘Christian’ means ‘Christ follower’, more literally, a follower of Christ. First coined by the gentiles as a label of derision in the early years of the church, by the second century, the title of Christian became a designation of honor. For the believer, the very purpose of sanctification is the Christian imitating his Lord Jesus Christ in all he does while serving Him on this earth. There is no greater calling than this, and as God’s chosen children loved by Him before the foundation, we are to become more and more like our heavenly Father in heaven. Paul gives us clear, succinct instructions regarding behavior befitting our status: we are responsible to reject evil (darkness), but also to expose it to the light of Christ.

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