Why Church Membership?

Commitment to church membership is in decline in America. North Greenville Church is presenting a five-week series on what the Church is, how it functions, and what it means to be a member of a local Church. You are invited to join us for four Sunday mornings at 9:30.

Here is the schedule:

Church Membership Series

July 31WHO is the Church?Acts 1:37-47; I Peter 2:9-10
Aug 7WHAT place does the Bible have in the Church today?II Timothy 3:16-17
Aug 14WHERE did all this come from?Psalm 24
Aug 21HOW in the world do you get along with Church people?Romans 12:1-21
Aug 28WHAT does government have to do with the Church?Acts 20:17-35

We provide a pre-school and a primary class at the same time as the adult class, but will provide others as the need arises.

Join us at 2120 Roe Ford Rd., Greenville SC 29617.

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