Billy Barron To Preach Next Two Sundays

Billy Barron returns to our pulpit this Sunday, October 23. His sermon will be “The Presence of God” from Exodus 33.

Wednesday Bible Study Completes Ephesians Today

Pastor Barron will present us with a summation of the significance of the entire epistle in our lives. Join us at 7:00 today at The Woodlands Orchid Room for a time of prayer and study.

Short Items:

A Season Of Thanksgiving: NGC has much to be thankful for, as we look forward to November. Just as we saw Samuel exhort the people to thank God and remember his mighty acts of redemption to avoid relying on earthly power, we as a people will be concentrating on His blessings upon us. Our upcoming Wednesday Bible Studies will focus on thanksgiving to God, and we will enjoy a fellowship gathering on the evening of Wednesday, November 23, to corporately express our thanks to God and remember what he has done among us.
Sunday School: We are studying the ARPC’ Fall 2016 Adult Quarterly on I and II Samuel, “The Triumph Of God’s Anointed.” This Sunday we will study I Samuel 31 through II Samuel 1: 17-27. This is a big chunk, so try to review ahead as we summarize “How The Mighty Have Fallen,” looking at Saul’s assault on David and David’s exile, the death of Saul and his sons and David’s lament over the fall of Saul.

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