‘The Last Parable’ Is Topic Of This Week’s Sermon

Pastor Barron will be in our pulpit this Sunday. His sermon will be, “The Last Parable,” preaching from Luke 20:9-19.

Discussion Time Returns This Sunday, April 8

Our next Sunday afternoon discussion session will be on Sunday, April 8, at the Morgan’s residence, beginning at 4:00p.m. We are taking a little break from Table Talk articles and will consider the topic, “Biblically Reformed = Christianity.” Pastor Barron will contrast Reformed and Arminian doctrine, encouraging questions and discussion. These discussion sessions have proven to be a good time of growth and fellowship. Plan to come and bring a little finger food.

The Truth Project Considers ‘Who Is Man?” Next Wednesday At 6:30

The Bible tells us that man was created in God’s image but fell from innocence through sin. Modern psychology, on the other hand, asserts that man is inherently good and behaves badly only under the influence of social or institutional pressure. This lesson explores the implications of both views. The Truth Project is being shown on the big screen in the Camellia Room.

What is truth? is an important question to all people, both churched and unchurched, youth and adults. A Barna Institute report issued May 25, 2016, contained some disturbing conclusions:

  • To a majority of American adults (57%), knowing what is right or wrong is a matter of personal experience.
  • Three-quarters of Millennials (74%) agree strongly or somewhat with the statement, “Whatever is right for your life or works best for you is the only truth you can know,” compared to only 38 percent of Elders (born 1945 or earlier).
  • Practicing Christians (59%) are nearly four times more likely than adults with no faith (15%) to believe moral truth is absolute.

Moral relativism is afflicting our world and is constantly advocated in academia, entertainment, journalism and government. None of us are beyond its reach and the bondage that comes with it. In The Truth Project, you will learn where relativism comes from and what its effects are upon us, our children and grandchildren. Why not invite your relatives, friends and neighbors to join you for this important series.

Dorcas Project Collection April 15: North Greenville Crisis Ministry

The Dorcas Ministry collection April 15 is for the North Greenville Crisis Ministry. Special needs include: soap, green beans, and blankets. They always need peanut butter, jelly, mac & cheese, soups, coats, dry dog food and toiletries.

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